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  • Elliot Markowitz

How to Drive More Eyeballs to Your Content

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Creating thought provoking or relevant content is one thing. Getting it noticed is quite another.

Organizations are constantly struggling with how to get their content noticed. They seem to follow the right formula for success by providing thought leadership and customer examples while staying away from shameless products and services pitches.

So why isn’t it getting attention? While there is no silver bullet to get your content on more radar screens, there are some practical things organizations can do to give it a boost.

Here are five quick tips every company should follow if they want to attract more eyeballs.

1. Like, like, and share: Have employees like the post and then have them share it on their own social networking feeds. Just posting it on the corporate LinkedIn page in not enough.

2. Comment away: Ask employees and colleagues to make a comment on the post to add some insight. This gets a discussion going and will get more attention.

3. Personalize it: When employees share the post, have them mention someone by name who may value from it. This makes it more personal and will undoubtedly get a reaction, at the very least from that individual.

4. Relevant hashtags: Some people believe the more hashtags the better. A smarter strategy is to pick 3 relevant hashtags and hammer those home. Keep it focused.

5. To link or not to link: When posting on platforms such as LinkedIn keep your posts contained to the area they give you. Don't post a url linking to an outside article. LinkedIn wants to keep their members within their platform and their algorithms are designed as such. If you want to drive traffic to another site then put the link in the comments area but not in the original post.

EMedia Strategies can help you with your social strategy and overall content development.

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