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Do You Leverage Case Studies to Help Tell Your story? If Not, Why?

Businesses want to hear from their peers. They want to know what problems they had, how they tackled the situation and then ultimately the outcome.

Having your customer help tell your story adds credibility to your business. Success breeds success. Incorporate customer case studies or testimonials in your whitepapers, blogs, and other marketing messages whenever possible. This will immediately improve your results.

See how EMedia Strategies can help.

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Alison Calderbank Diana
Alison Calderbank Diana
Aug 28, 2020

When written to answer a decision-maker's main questions, case studies can be invaluable. It's always great to get a big-picture comment from the CIO, CEO, CMO or other c-level executive, but I've found it's typically best to go to those knee-deep in a project for a case study. For example, if the client is a food-delivery service, then the Head of Operations could be an ideal source; if it's a technology-oriented profile, then the person who oversees the network, applications, cloud or security vs. the CIO or CTO will have the nitty-gritty details that give case studies their value. Customers often want to tell how they resolved a problem, found a new opportunity, reduced costs or time-to-market, and found other…

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