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  • Elliot Markowitz

5 Proven Lead Conversion Tactics

The reality is people are busier and more distracted than ever before and the window to make contact with potential customers and bring them through the buying journey is shrinking.

It is critical for associations and publishers to optimize best practices in the lead generation and conversion cycle to turn prospective buyers into paying customers. Below are top 5 priorities for effective lead conversion. However, keep in mind, relevant content is the glue that holds it all together.

1. Strike when the Iron is hot: Organizations should reach out to a prospective lead in the first 5 minutes of expressing interest.

2. Prioritize leads: Companies need to leverage lead scoring tools and strategies to help prioritize which leads have more potential value and should be contacted first.

3. Persistence: After prioritizing leads and then reaching out to the most viable prospects first, there needs to be constant follow up with all leads to keep them engaged.

4. Nurturing process: Continuously provide relevant content such as whitepapers, infographics and ebooks to keep them engaged.

5. Create air-tight follow up: Lead conversion needs to be a well-oiled process. Don’t leave follow-up to chance.

EMedia Strategies can help you create the right content for all of your needs and help you take your customers through the buying journey.

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